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Healthy kids are happy kids

They do well in school, have fun with their friends, and grow up to be healthy adults.

Why is it important to take children to the doctor regularly even when they are well?

When you take your children in for well child visits regularly during their growing up years, the doctor can find and treat little problems before they become big ones.

The doctor can also teach your child how to take care of themselves, so that they can learn good health habits for life. And the doctor can help you know how to keep your child healthy.

Should teenagers have well child visits too?

Yes! It is very important to take your child in for well child visits during the teen years.

The doctor can help you and your child think about how to deal with problems all teenagers face as they grow up, such as

Children change a lot during the teen years, but a teenager whose behavior is changing may have a problem that can and should be treated.

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