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Iowa School Districts

Welcome, this page is for schools to submit information collected on the Free and Reduced Meal Program application. Please submit the names of parents that are interested in receiving information about hawk-i health and dental coverage.

Remember in order to comply with Iowa Administrative Code 283A.2, school districts must also report even if your school has no parent names to submit.

The instructions for completing the process of submitting the parents’ names are available HERE.

Please click HERE to save the Excel spreadsheet to your computer for editing.

When you have completed the spreadsheet click on the link labeled "Submit Via E-mail" below. This will bring up your E-mail program (i.e. Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc). The E-mail address is already filled in, as well as the subject. Please attach the Excel spreadsheet that you have saved and subsequently filled in and write the name of your school and district number in the body of the E-mail. When you are finished, click on "Send".

Submit Via E-mail

Please call us at 1-800-257-8563 with any questions about the submittal process or if the above link does not work with your E-mail client.

Thank you for your time and dedication to Iowa’s children!

What health plans are offered?How much do I pay?Do my kids qualify?What services can my kids get?How can I keep my kids healthy?How do I apply?